Child Custody Cases

Hiring a qualified, sensitive, and experienced Attorney to handle your child custody matter is one of the most important decisions you may ever make.

Child custody battles can be painful experiences for all involved – especially the children.

When families go into court and let a 3rd party decide who will have custody and who will be the non-custodial parent, nobody wins.

If a parent is forced into a child custody order from the court, the feelings of hurt and unfairness can sometimes overflow into the lives of the children. Forcing a parent into a court order regarding child custody is not always in the child’s best interest.

If possible, it is always better for parents to meet and mediate their differences in custody cases.

Sometimes in negotiating a mediation agreement, both parents may have to give a little, but the benefits of this can pay off – nobody wants to be told what to do by a judge. When a parent learns to compromise and work with the other parent through mediation, the healing process can continue much more easily.

Hoffman Law & Mediation Office recommends mediation over litigation to settle child custody arrangements.

If a mediation agreement cannot be reached, Sheree Hoffman brings over 30 years of experience into the court and is ready to represent you and the best interests of your children.

Juvenile Court

If you need assistance in Juvenile Court regarding custody,  parenting time (visitation) or child support, we can assist you. If your matter concerns child support specifically, you may also be entitled to representation or assistance from a 4D Attorney at Juvenile Court.

Helpful Websites

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

  • Child support information line: 1-800-838-6911
  • Tennessee Paternity acknowledgment program Hotline: 1-800-457-2165