Memphis Family Law Attorney

Sheree Hoffman has over 30 years experience in Memphis family law and child custody negotiations and litigation.

Family law issues include a broad range of issues, including prenuptial agreements, marriage, adoption, divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time schedules, co-habitation, guardianship, minor emancipation, grandparent rights, name changes, domestic violence, child abuse, juvenile crime, dependency and neglect, paternity and modification of prior family law court orders.

When seeking help from a divorce attorney in Memphis, it is important to choose a lawyer who will represent you and your children’s best interests without jeopardizing any good will between you and your co-parent.

We emphasize mediation as a method to settle differences arising out of a divorce.

Too often, in the heat of the struggles arising out of a divorce or separation, people take their family differences into court. Family law is rarely a cut-and-dry issue. There are often many unwanted consequences of going into family court to settle differences.

With mediation, both parties may not get everything they want, but at least they’ll know they made the decisions on their own terms and were not forced into a situation that only causes more resentment and family disharmony in the long-term.

Whether you choose mediation or litigation, Sheree Hoffman is here to help.