Child Support in Tennessee

New Tennessee Child Support Guidelines Effective Immediately (September, 2008)

The Department of Human Services has notified the Administrative Office of the Courts that effective immediately, new child support guidelines must be applied to every judicial or administrative action to establish, modify or enforce child support that is taken on of after August 12, 2008, regardless of when the action was initiated or filed. The amended guidelines and the new child support worksheet are available on the Internet Income Shares Tutorial website at:

Tennessee has child support guidelines which are presumed to be reasonable unless rebutted by evidence to the contrary. In other words, they are mandatory except when a legal reason for deviating from them exists.

NOTICE: Tennessee law has changed from flat percentage guidelines to an income

shares model. Please call the Hoffman Law and Mediation office at (901) 754 9994 for more information.


Child Support Resources

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

Child support information line: 1-800-838-6911

Tennessee Paternity acknowledgment program Hotline: 1-800-457-2165