Collaborative Law and Divorce Cases

Collaborative Divorce is a new method of divorce that more and more couples are using to settle their divorce proceedings without litigation.

For collaborative divorce counseling in Memphis, the Hoffman Law & Mediation Office provides clients with the support and confidence they need to settle a divorce without going to court.

Understanding the emotional stress involved, Sheree Hoffman is a divorce lawyer committed to representing each client in a compassionate, competent and professional manner. She knows that the attitudes exemplified in the slogan “My Lawyer Can Beat Your Lawyer,” and the consequences of those attitudes, are rarely productive for either party and can result in cost-prohibitive litigation for most people.

If you’re going through a divorce in Memphis and are considering litigation, mediation, or wish to persue a collaborative divorce, call the Hoffman Law & Mediation Office at 901-754-9994 for a consultation.

Collaborative divorce was recently endorsed by the American Bar Association. It is a method of divorce that couples around America are embracing as an alternative to battling it out in court.

Eliminate Courtroom Battles with Collaborative Divorce

Are you seeking a collaborative divorce attorney in Memphis? Call Sheree Hoffman for a consultation regarding opportunities for a “harmonious divorce” through collaborative law.

Whether experiencing a divorce, family law or child custody case, collaborative law offers a win-win option for the disputing parties, and Sheree Hoffman is your Memphis divorce attorney who is qualified to help you and your family move on from your divorce.

Collaborative divorce differs from mediation because it involves the use of attorneys for each party who pledge from the beginning to achieve a resolution that is best for everyone involved in the divorce. In a collaborative divorce, both the parties and the attorneys explicitly agree (ie. they sign an attorney-client contract) from the onset NOT to engage in litigation.

Much like mediation in divorce and family law disputes, collaborative divorce emphasises the best interests of all the parties.

If you are seeking a collaborative divorce in Memphis give the Hoffman Law & Mediation Office a call. Sheree Hoffman is specially trained in collaborative law and is the Memphis divorce lawyer you want to call to help with a collaborative divorce.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce offers civilized, low stress and low cost divorce options for ending a marriage or determining child custody arrangements after a divorce.

As legal and emotional costs associated with court-based divorce battles increases, clients seeking peace are willing to forego litigation in order to achieve it. This is where collaborative divorce comes in. The recent surge in collaborative law is a sensible response to the ill effects of court battles.

From confidential divorce proceedings to mitigating emotional damage from divorce court proceedings, collaborative law provides alternatives to the rigor of traditional divorce, without surrendering the best interests of those involved.

Contact the Hoffman Law & Mediation Office for a consultation and learn how Sheree Hoffman can help you with your collaborative divorce needs in Memphis.

Collaborative Divorce Agreement PDF Download the Collaborative Family Law Participation Agreement
Typical agreement signed by all collaborative divorce participants and their attorneys.