Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce and Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the use of an impartial third party (the mediator) to help two or more individuals work out a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve a dispute. When considering Memphis mediation attorneys call on Sheree Hoffman for over 20 years experience.

“Mediate – Don’t Litigate.” What does that mean?

Mediation provides an alternative to Court resolution of a dispute.  No one ever enjoys going to trial.  For most people, litigation is a frightening, time consuming, prohibitively expensive way to solve issues. Mediation provides a quicker, less expensive, and often less painful way to reach an agreement.

Does Mediation Work?

The statistics available for mediation nationwide provide a success rate of about seventy (70%) percent.  My personal statistics reveal a much higher success rate of eighty-five (85%) percent.

Why does Mediation Work?

I believe that mediation works primarily because it gives the parties a unique opportunity to negotiate a settlement between them while in a safe and confidential setting.  One of the main selling points for mediation is the confidentiality factor.  By statue in Tennessee, every mediation is confidential, with the exception of issues involving child abuse.  Most people realize the benefit of not having to go through a public trial.  Companies especially, may benefit from the lack of public scrutiny.

Also important to the success of mediation in general is that the parties retain control of the decision-making.  When you think about it, allowing a third party (the judge) to make decisions about your money, property or children is giving up a huge amount of personal power.